Become a data-driven, tech-fuelled organization

Measure your progress towards your business goals against clear, measurable standards – and make work more productive for your team as you work towards your objectives. 

Automate the manual tasks.

Repetitive, non-essential tasks are a major cause of productivity loss in business. At Vanguard BI, we let computers do most of the these tasks, allowing your team to focus on what really matters – finding and working on innovative ways to keep customers happy. 

While we’re at it, we also provide valuable insights to help you in decision-making.

What we offer

Business Intelligence (BI)

Automated Workflows

Do you have to fill out forms manually for leave applications, recruitment, or finance requests? With automated workflows, you can:

  • make these applications from your computer or phone
  • automatically send it to the right managers, who can approve or reject and approve it
  • get automatic emails on the progress of your application, including a final printout!

Custom Apps

We can create apps for use within your organization.

These apps can help capture information when making a sale, recording mileage after a work trip, or any other data you need to capture. 

If you need a personalized portal for your clients as well, we’ll build that too!

Interactive Dashboards

Once you have the data, we will display it in an interactive dashboard.

On this dashboard, you will be able to tweak settings and get exactly the information you need –  without having to generate a full report.

Here’s a sample dashboard

Technology and Brand Development

Website Development, Hosting and Security

Do you need a modern, stylish website?

With expertise in UX Design and web development, we’ll build you a website that looks great, and gives your users a seamless experience.

We’ll also handle the technical aspects for you, ensuring the site is housed on a secure host, backed up regularly, and always safe.

Email and Collaboration

Having partnered with the best in the industry, we will provide your team with organization emails, while ensuring your emails are secure. 

In addition, we will also provide cloud storage, shared calendars, in-house chat, and much more, to ensure you always collaborate freely. 

Design, Branding & Digital Marketing

We understand that your brand is your business’ identity. 

From your logo to business cards, company profiles and flyers and merchandise, our designers will build you solid, consistent branding that your customers will be happy to identify with. 

Finally, we’ll design and run ads on Google and social media to get your services to your target market.


Market Research & Feasibility Studies

Discover the value of matching information on your customers’ behavior, and prevailing economic trends to gain a foothold in your market.

Our market research expertise allows you to not only anticipate possible pitfalls in your path but also to gain an understanding of opportunities that remain undiscovered.

Our aim is to create a synergy between your potential clients and your brand and to ensure that your new products resonate with your target audience.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your business could always benefit from happier customers!

We will work with you to find out how your existing customer-base interacts with your brand.

Exploratory assessment of your brand from the customer’s perspective will serve to identify ways to enhance their experience and potentially generate new products and services that may only be visible from your client’s vantage point.

Business Insights

Your work processes generate immense data; these data can be used to draw a clear picture of your organizations moving parts.

We will draw as clear a picture of your business-process facets and leverage these insights to create an optimized gestalt of your organization.

We understand that data-driven insights are essential to the running of your organization, and we intend to prove this by finding ways for you not only to save but also to improve your value preposition to clients.

Our process

We learn how you work

As a business, you have customized processes for handling orders, processing approvals, and more. Our first step is to understand these processes. 

We create pipelines to collect data

Next, based on your business processes, we identify what data you would need to collect, and how best you can collect it. Where necessary, we can create an app just for your team, to make sure it’s super easy to collect the data.

We give you insights

Finally, we’ll build you an interactive dashboard, from which you will be able to track the data in real time. You will also be able to get monthly, quarterly and annual reports in just a few clicks. 

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